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kimoi girls


"キモーイガールズ (Kimooi Girls / Kimōi Girls)" is a futaba channel neta/meme based on a panel (post #326017) from the short comic "PAY BACK" by Nitta Jun. This eromanga is a part of "奪!童貞。('Datsu! Doutei.')", his adult comic book published on July, 2002.
This meme popularized by the IOSYS flash, 'Kanbu de tomatte sugu tokeru ~ Kyouki no Udongein' (post #91177). Previously tagged "easy_mode".

Two nameless schoolgirls mock a virgin boy (Nakano Ryuuichi).

"えーマジ童貞!?" (What, really, you're a virgin!?)
"キモーイ" (How pathetic!)
"童貞が許されるのは小学生までだよねー" (Being a virgin is totally unacceptable past grade school.)
"キャハハハハハハ" (Hahaha!)

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