Bestiality / incest artist.

Before deleting their Pixiv, they posted the following:

"Thank you for watching Sakura's story so far.
The story of Sakura's family is over.
But Sakura's family will still be loving each other somewhere.
I believe so!

Happy New Year!"

update 2020-09-19:
I will be back soon!
Thank you to those who believe in me and wait for me.
Please look forward to the collaboration with my friend!

"I have been asked a lot of questions.

Many of my fans have asked a lot about my old art being deleted.
Recently, the legal issues in my country have become serious.
Since Sakura is a minor, it is a matter of law.
When I come back, I can change the character information.
Sakura's age could change to 20.
I hate the laws of this country. Also, this post will be deleted soon.
I'm really sorry for this. wait a minute."

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