This tag is for sources that have been marked by the community for regularly creating and posting material that is generally frowned upon or even against the Danbooru Upload Rules.
Some common examples are:


Sources that take works from others and repost them on their profile, usually without any credit to the original artists.
Images may have been cropped or otherwise edited to remove artist names or add text and translations.
These are usually themed accounts focusing on specific series or characters.


A subset of reposters that target a specific artist. They have a similar or even the same name and/or avatar of an existing artist but are otherwise not related to them.
These are considered third-party sources so the original should be traced back and be uploaded instead.

AI-generated works

Works that have fully been created with AI with zero or insignificant amounts of retouching.

Proceed with caution and check everything whenever you upload anything from these sources.
For more information and further discussion, see topic #00000.

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