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Part wiki request, part tagging question.

I can't tell from the wording in the in-franchise crossover wiki whether characters meeting in official media disqualifies it for the tag or not. I noticed the tag was added to several official comics from Tales of Asteria and Tales of the Rays, in which characters from several games in the Tales of franchise interact with each other. Like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, most games in this franchise have shared elements, but no real connection with one another.

From what I read in topic #22882 and forum #257836, it seems that in-franchise crossover can't be used for official media but is still used for it anyway, and that it might be beneficial to allow some official crossovers to be tagged with it. I think these two Tales of games would be appropriate for this since the crossover aspect is pretty much what they center around. But at the moment, I don't know whether the posts are being mistagged or the wiki is outdated.

I'd like the wiki to be reworded by someone who understands the situation so it more clearly outlines what does and does not apply for the tag.

VR-Man said:

police brutality

Is there a need for this tag? I don't think it would be useful, objectively speaking.

The tag probably could be objectively used for depictions where police are using violence against a person or persons in which they're clearly unable to or aren't resisting. Though it doesn't help the tag exists because of one tagger and two of the three posts are post #5204349, which isn't imo objectively clear that it is police brutality.

bipface said:

acrylic stand vs. acrylic stand (object),
The wikis offer no guidelines for when one should be used over the other, and there seems to be no particular pattern of usage looking at the posts.

The way I read this, the former tag is for acrylic stands that are being sold by the artist, while the latter tag is for acrylic stands just casually in the background, or as something being interacted with by a character.

gfz said:

I added a section on images, it's not anything special but I think it's better than nothing.

Looks okay to me. It shows how to add them, which is the most important part.

I added a disclaimer about using large images and plagiarized evazion's guideline for adding SFW images.

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