Disambiguating asymmetrical_legwear

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BUR #5484 has been approved by @evazion.

create alias asymmetrical_legwear -> uneven_legwear
create alias asymmetrical_sleeves -> uneven_sleeves
create alias asymmetrical_gloves -> uneven_gloves
create alias asymmetrical_footwear -> uneven_footwear

asymmetrical_legwear sounds like a tag for legwear that lacks symmetry, but this is only partially correct. It's actually for a specific kind of asymmetry where the legwear is of different lengths, while we have mismatched_legwear for when the legwear designs are asymmetrical. I often see these tags misused because of their names, so I propose the following:

AngryZapdos said:

After gardening it, I've updated the BUR with asymmetrical_footwear.

As for asymmetrical_wings/mismatched_wings, mismatched_wings has less than 90 posts while asymmetrical_wings has over 8000. I highly doubt anyone cares enough to argue in favor of having this distinction for wings, let alone garden over 8000 posts. I don't know if an alias is necessary, but mismatched_wings should definitely be merged into asymmetrical_wings.

Since the can appears to have been kicked on this, will wings ever be sorted out? There's a lot of posts but the vast majority is just houjuu_nue.
I don't know if the distinction is valuable but it would be nice to have the asymmetrical term used consistently across tags.

On the topic of wing asymmetry:
mismatched wings is currently defined as

A single character with two or more separate styles of wings.

The rest of the "mismatched" tags are used for asymmetry within a single pair of something, but this definition sounds like it encompasses not only asymmetrical wings, but multiple different pairs of symmetrical wings (like post #6719884). It might need rewording.
I've tentatively created mixed wings for multiple symmetrical pairs, analogous to the recent mixed horns. Unless there are any objections, I'll update the wikis and populate the tag alongside uneven wings, if the implication BUR passes.