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The bulk update request #6783 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

mass update bondage tied_up -> bondage -tied_up

From the wiki:


Bondage refers to the purposeful physical restraint of a person, as with ropes, cords, or cuffs, for sexual purposes.
If the use of physical restraints is non-sexual or comedic, the tag tied_up should be used instead of bondage.

tied up

Physical restraint of a person in a comedic or non-sexual context, in contrast to bondage.

We have lots of posts in tied up that should be bondage. This BUR will affect 1087 posts. I will manually go through tied_up -bondage rating:q and rating:e. This should be enough for now.

Any ideas how we can prevent this mistagging in the future?

Previously discussed in topic #17735.

Even if we do this BUR, there's many other posts under tied_up -bondage where bondage is not tagged, or where it skirts the line of sexual content.
I think tied up is simply a terrible name for this. It's like the issue we had with choking, which was only for non-sexual choking, but kept getting misused because the tag name said nothing about those requirements.
As long as the tag is called "tied up", taggers will use it for characters that are tied up, no matter the context.

Removed the bondage tag from half a dozen or so non-sexual posts in tied_up bondage which this update would have sent the wrong way.

edit: and a few more

nonamethanks said:

There's also a lot of posts under tied_up ~shibari ~gag ~spread_legs ~nipples -bondage / tied_up -rating:s -bondage status:any. Probably more can be found via other unsafe tags.

Gags at least are as likely to be connected with non-sexual bondage as sexual bondage. Possibly even more so. Remove gag from the first search and 166 images drops to 60, half of which are deleted