Any method to dig a deleted pixiv picture from url?

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So I moved some picture I download from Pixiv to my phone. this afternoon I check the corresponding pixiv page of 1 image to see the context but greeted with “Work has been deleted” message. When this happen, I rename the picture to “(pixiv id) deleted” so in case I saved the url, my browser won’t override the description with pixiv’s error url. Then I swipe to another picture, swap back to that picture and it shows me black screen. Going back to browsing view show me that the pic disappear. Using cable to see the phone also reveal nothing, the file is gone.
I have some pictures that I also named “(pixiv id) deleted” but they are still intact, in case anyone suspect

If anyone need the url https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/49483517
I used the url to search in Danbooru, no result.
The image is a solo blue haired woman drawn with Godiva Hair (I’m not sure if we have specific tag for hair and condition like that) with focus on hips. probably downman sayman.

@ Dolmatov:

Hyoroemon said:
I used the url to search in Danbooru, no result.

I did try. No need to add 'status' in result.