alias floating_in_water -> afloat

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Using levitation for objects that float via buoyancy, like balloons or blimps, feels very wrong. Look up "levitation" in a dictionary and nearly any definition you find will mention magic or supernatural powers, or occasionally other forces such as magnetism. An object or person being lifted by a balloon is floating, not levitating.

That said, due to the ambiguous nature of the term floating, this tag has always been a mess. Just looking at the first couple pages of results right now, I see objects being lifted by telekinesis, windblown petals, objects floating in zero gravity, and characters sitting/standing on invisible surfaces in front of a simple background. It's a clusterfuck, and there's nothing we can do to salvage it as long as taggers use it as a dumping ground for any post where someone or something isn't visibly supported. As it is now, I can't imagine anyone searching for floating and reasonably expecting useful results.