alias thumbprint_cookie -> jam_cookie

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iridescent_slime said:

I brought up the possibility of this implication in topic #16380, but hesitated to request it because of uncertainty about whether cookies like in post #705667 count as thumbprint cookies. I guess it depends on how strict we want to be about the indentation being thumbprint-shaped.

I think it's just the name of that type of cookie. I googled "heart thumbprint cookie" and found a lot of pictures that look like those.

Veradux said:

Honestly, I'd reverse it and make it an alias. The wiki is wrong. Thumbprint cookies are usually jam cookies (don't get pedantic with me about chocolate) but jam cookies could be two-layer jammie dodgers, jam-topped meyers, etc. etc.

Jam cookie is the larger tag and thumbprint cookie is, by verbiage, more specific and less ESL-friendly.

Makes sense to me; I'm no cookie expert, so I'll defer to your explanation. BUR edited.