Ar Tonelico Renames and Aliases

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BUR #8790 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

rename soma -> soma_(ar_tonelico)
rename finnel -> finnel_(ar_tonelico)
rename frelia -> frelia_(ar_tonelico)
rename tilia -> tilia_(ar_tonelico)
rename filament -> filament_(ar_tonelico)
rename ar_ru -> ar_ru_(ar_tonelico)
rename infel -> infel_(ar_tonelico)
create alias shurelia -> shurelia_(ar_tonelico)
create alias jakuri -> jakuri_(ar_tonelico)

Discovered this while working through character_request. Some Ar Tonelico names are common JP surnames/names, objects, or words used in other copyrights, so it might be good to disambiguate them.

BUR #8799 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

remove alias shurelia -> shurelia_(ar_tonelico)
remove alias jakuri -> jakuri_(ar_tonelico)
rename hama -> hama_(ar_tonelico)
rename nenesha -> nenesha_(ar_tonelico)
rename soraneko -> soraneko_(ar_tonelico)
rename suzunomia -> suzunomia_(ar_tonelico)
rename yurishica -> yurishica_(ar_tonelico)
rename rufan -> rufan_(ar_tonelico)

Finishing above, and a few more I found. (Not that I think anyone is searching hard for these tags, but half of them sound like potential VTuber names to me, so might as well make it consistent across the board.)