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The bulk update request #8974 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias tsubaki_(pokemon) -> melli_(pokemon)
create alias yuugao_(pokemon) -> calaba_(pokemon)
create alias hamarenge_(pokemon) -> gaeric_(pokemon)
create alias taisai_(pokemon) -> choy_(pokemon)
remove alias sazanka_(pokemon) -> tina_(pokemon)
create alias sazanka_(pokemon) -> sanqua_(pokemon)
create alias perilla_(pokemon) -> zisu_(pokemon)
create alias omatsu_(pokemon) -> charm_(pokemon)
create alias oume_(pokemon) -> coin_(pokemon)
create alias otake_(pokemon) -> clover_(pokemon)
create alias tsuiri_(pokemon) -> tuli_(pokemon)
create alias shuuzou_(pokemon) -> bagin_(pokemon)
create alias tekkan_(pokemon) -> anvin_(pokemon)

More Japanese names to alias to the English names.
Changing sazanka_(pokemon) to be an alias of sanqua_(pokemon) instead of tina_(pokemon) as the latter character only had that name in an early version datamine and was changed when finally implemented into Masters, likely due to the name being used by the newer character.