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why the tracy persons are considered minors? i don't think that any tracy person can be minor, there any age that can do tracy, like a teenage 18 old years can tracy in the art, also the 20-25 old year persons can do tracy if her/him art is not so good, althought any person minor, teenage or mayor can do tracy, neither i'm defending the tracy persons, they can be bad persons, but i recognice good tracy persons in any case, (tracy art is tracer art) i forget that recreations art is not considered tracy art, because the style or aesthetic is different in characters or the colours palette in that style, you can recreating smoking ralsei meme with a different style and that is not considered tracy art is considered recreation art i have many exanples of recreation art like a +18 art can be recreated and can't consider tracy art, there many exanples of what you can recreating in any style or something and that is not considered tracy art, is considered your recreation, your retrospective how can being any art or character in another style or aesthetic, if you have some question please put in the party cat box

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