Blue Archive enemy EN->JP utility aliases

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BUR #8861 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias thug_(smg)_(blue_archive) -> sukeban_(smg)_(blue_archive)
create alias thug_(mg)_(blue_archive) -> sukeban_(mg)_(blue_archive)
create alias thug_(sr)_(blue_archive) -> sukeban_(sr)_(blue_archive)

These enemies are called Thugs in the EN server, making them hard to find.

I also created street mouryo (rl) (blue archive) for this enemy, also taken from the EN translation. An alias can be done for her as well if someone knows her Japanese name.

We usually prefer the Japanese names in circumstances like these unless the localized names vastly outweight the original names in relevance. Blue Archive isn't anywhere near the level of copyrights like Pokemon or Ace Attorney. We still haven't renamed Arisu (blue archive) to Aris, but that could just be because no one's thought to bother with it, it's not much of a change.

I'm fine with either, personally, I just defaulted to the usual approach.