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The bulk update request #8872 has been rejected.

create implication minigirl -> mini_person
create implication miniboy -> mini_person

I think this could use a non-gendered catch-all tag to be consistent with what was decided for giant in topic #17526, and to allow for more accurate tagging of mini humanoids that don't have a discernible gender or canonically don't have one. As it stands now they are either given a gender-specific tag anyway (post #3164488) or not tagged at all (post #4360849). There is the existing miniature tag, and while it looks like it's used somewhat inconsistently, by its current wiki definition and in practice it's more like a counterpart to oversized object in mostly featuring inanimate objects. Animals and other animate non-humanoids could either fit in that tag or have its own tag.

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  • The_Bob said:

    There's also minimized, which claims it's supposed to be used for mini-nonhumans, but I don't know how closely taggers stick to that definition.

    I've done some cleanup to keep the tags more consistent, along the lines of miniature being for inanimate objects and minimized being for non-humanoid animals, creatures, monsters, etc. As best as I could, at least. With some images, I'm not quite sure why they were tagged. Though maybe we could also do renaming of these tags to make them more intuitive?

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