Dr. Briefs

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It's important for the tags we have to be correct, because bots scraping from here will spread them far and wide, and those actually using the site will themselves spread them too. If I'm called a nerd because of that, then so be it.

mongirlfan said:

The qualifier is unnecessary.

But it doesn't hurt to have.

Personally think it's better to keep it Mrs. Brief (or Bulma's Mother/Dr. Brief's wife like Damian suggested) and maybe alias Bikini (dragon ball). She only started being named as Bikini very recently, in the game DBZ: Kakarott, and for a long time her real name was known as Panchy, because of Toriyama's commentary in an interview, and this name was even used in a spinoff manga as well. This is reflected on her pixiv tags, "Panchy" and "Bulma's mother" show posts of the character, while "Bikini" doesn't, as most people doesn't even know her name now is "Bikini".