Touhou - Suggesting two collection pools for recurring gags.

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Hi, as mentioned, I'm looking at implementing two new pools. Doing this thread to gauge interest, and try and get a rough sense of how big these pools would be.

1: Satori being a bit too much of an animal lover (tentative title: Touhou - Satori's Abnormal Animal Attraction)
Posts of Komeiji Satori being way too touchy with her pets, and trying to recruit other beastly characters in Touhou's roster.

Tamahana is a big fan of it, doing it for several different beastly touhou characters, but there are other cases where it happens too.

2: The many misuses of haniwa surrounding Keiki and Mayumi (Tentative title: Touhou - That's not how you use a Haniwa!)
Posts of Haniwa being used for all sorts of things that don't exactly respect them as the funerary objects they actually are.

Haniwa Dildos/vibrators are probably the most common gags of this, but it'd also include the times they're turned into tissue boxes, popcorn machines, and even a flat-screen TV. It'd also include times when Mayumi's haniwa nature is misused, a la this post.
I see it becoming something like a counterpart to the Nitori Electronics pool.

I've set up the Haniwa pool as pool #18399. That's got 32 images in it as of now.

Setting up the potential pool for the satori one is... a much more daunting task. I'd at least like to get a page of results, but the joke isn't as common in rate per images if you're not Tamahana and there's a LOT of Satori images.