Nuke: "Team Rocket"

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I feel like there's a decent discussion to be had about tags like these. I don't know all of them, but I know there's a few from other copyrights like rhine_lab_(arknights). There's also a few pools similar to it from Kantai Collection based on ship class.

I guess it just feels weird to have a tag that is basically just a uniform/logo tag not actually named for that logo. Especially because it creates more opportunities for mistags and when it's being used on Jessie's ass pics, post #5219218, it and others like it feel like padding rather than something that has actual search value.

I'm not in favor of an outright nuke like we did for NPC Trainer since it's a legit organization rather than a fan designation, but an alias to a logo or uniform tag feels more right. Otherwise, we might as well mass update the characters mentioned in the wiki.