[Fate] Trung sisters cleanup

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Regarding the Trung sisters/Nakayoshi Saber tags, it's obvious that they're redundant, but I'm kind of puzzled as to why they are being given an umbrella tag when other Servants who come in pairs like Anne Bonny and Mary Read, or Dioscuri (Castor and Pollux) don't have any umbrella tags themselves. The only individual Servants with such a tag is Valkyrie, but that's because they are three characters that appear individually, changing as players level up Valkyrie.

I understand the Nakayoshi Saber tag since it was a placeholder, but we really don't need it anymore, like what happened with Kirakira Archer before she was revealed as Sei Shounagon. The question is if we want to keep a trung_sisters_(fate) umbrella tag for these two.

At the moment, the only thing I've done are switch over the individual character tags from no qualifier to adding the *_(fate) qualifier.

Valkyries have a catch-all because all three appear individually depending on ascension level, so it makes sense to have one whole "Valkyrie" tag for the character in general.
Idk about Nemo but I think it's a similar deal; it doesn't really have to do with the number of them.

Veradux said:

Should the semi-official stance be that umbrellas are only for three or more individual characters? IE, Valkyrie_(fate) & Nemo_(fate).

I think it's a mix of both what you and Astolfo are saying. Right, a member will hit the tag search limit, but they can search for the individual character tags if their goal is to see the Dioscuri or the Trung sisters. They can't do that with the Nemos or the Valkyrie.

Ortlinde, Hildr and Thrud share a similar character design so that it makes sense to want to see them together regardless of individuality and all three of them are Valkyrie, so they're under a broader tag. Considering this, an umbrella for Dioscuri, Anne & Mary and so on would be kinda redundant.

Astolfo said:

Idk about Nemo but I think it's a similar deal; it doesn't really have to do with the number of them.

Yes, the Nemos are like copies of Captain Nemo. Talking about character design, there's the Grand Rider Noah from Fate/Grand Order Arcade which looks exactly like an older Nemo, it seems we don't have a tag for him, so I'm going to create one and sort through posts.

EDIT: Maybe talk about Noah in another topic, but should he be considered a Nemo as well, for pretending to be him?