Untagged miko attire

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I removed kimono and white kimono from some miko posts a moment ago, because, assuming my understanding of Japanese clothing is accurate, what a traditional miko wears is not a kimono. The miko wiki even specifies the outfit being composed of a hakama skirt and white kosode. Except I then realized we don't have a tag for kosodes. A quick check shows that 141 pages of miko are tagged kimono, while the other 638(516 if you remove obvious exceptions Hakurei Reimu and Kochiya Sanae) just aren't tagged at all.

Is there a specific reason we have tags for every type of kimono, but don't have a separate tag for kosodes?

Based solely on appearance, the miko "kosode" appears as only being an upperbody article of clothing, rather than the "fullbody robe" of typical modern kimonos. There are plenty of male and female examples of similar clothing that aren't mikos, so I don't think it would be redundant with miko, if we used it that way.

Mostly my concern is with the fact that, besides a minority tagged kimono, we're essentially not tagging this thing at all. I would be fine with creating kosode and implicating it to kimono, or just tagging them all as kimonos.

It's not, but it wouldn't be the first time we've completely misused an existing Japanese term (see ofuda, which basically just means paper talisman as far as danbooru is concerned). I'm only presenting it as a "better than nothing" option, I don't feel very strongly about it.