animal_penis as umbrella tag

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BUR #9661 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create implication horse_penis -> animal_penis
create implication dolphin_penis -> animal_penis
create implication pig_penis -> animal_penis
create implication dog_penis -> animal_penis
create implication knotted_penis -> animal_penis

For blacklisting and for easier search of the weirder kind of porn.

Yes, yes, "animal penis" has a clause saying not to use it on animals, but it was added 11 years ago and no other animal dick tag follows that rule (not even animal penis itself, given that it has 86 posts tagged with bestiality). If I search for "animal penis" I expect, well, any kind of animal penis.

I was originally against this in topic #14521 but I just realized how hard it is to search for this kind of content.

nonamethanks said:

There's several examples of dog dicks where the knot is not visible or is not there at all, like post #5250260, and knotted dicks that are not dog dicks, like post #4793605, so an alias wouldn't work in either direction.

Then I think the barbed penis (a.k.a cat penis) should be separated from spiked penis. They were separated tags before but now are aliased for some reason. I don't mind doing the gardening.