self_fondle vs. breast_hold?

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The wiki for self fondle says:

If a character is grabbing her breasts, but doesn't seem to be aroused (lack of blush or body/facial cues) use breast hold instead.

But the wiki for breast hold indicates that it's only to be used when breasts are supported by the arms, not the hands:

A character supporting their own breasts with one or both of their arms. For example, crossing their arms below their breasts, or holding their breasts up with their forearm.

Which is correct?

If your question is about the "grabbing" vs "supporting", self fondle's wiki was written after breast hold and the author also used:

Use masturbation instead if she is only grabbing her pussy

I don't think that's a natural use the the grabbing word (I've never seen it being used like that so far), so maybe that's just how the author uses 'grabbing' in general. An alternative is to use grabbing own breast instead of breast hold for the purpose mentioned in self fondle's wiki, rewriting it.

I believe this whole concept should be rethought, we have 7 (8, with breast squeeze as slime said) tags covering those scenarios as I pointed in forum #209941, 1 of them is probably redundant.

iridescent_slime said:

Looks like a problem with the self_fondle wiki. A character manipulating her own breasts by hand should be tagged breast_lift or breast_squeeze, not breast_hold.

Okay, I've edited the wiki.

So is there a way to tag a character holding her own breasts in an apparently non-sexual manner? I tagged post #5282442 with self fondle, but that doesn't seem to fit because she's not doing it to arouse herself. breast hold (as discussed) doesn't fit because she's using her hands, not her arms. Is it breast lift? She's not really lifting them, just kind of... holding them.

Hyozen said:

Seems to be breast lift + breast conscious

Edit: The name might not be intuitive, but we don't have any better tag for this, hand on breast was just deprecated and I don't think grabbing own breast is a good tag anymore.

I don't think it's breast conscious. Looked up the series and the character is a guy in a girl's body, so he/she is reacting to having breasts at all, not worrying about their size. Tagged with breast lift, though maybe we should mention in the wiki that it's for any kind of own-breast holding, not just lifting.