Nuke shota_on_shota

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I could see the theoretical use in muscular shota, or at least, a tag which allows one to search for depictions of youths with prominent musculature for their age, because searching child muscular would not enable you to find something like that quickly, given it'd sooner have older people. Renaming it to something like muscular child would likely make more sense.

Also, I don't know if nuking shota on shota would be a good idea - only 47 posts are tagged with child on child, and combined with yaoi, there's 23 posts under that tag which have neither tag. Gardening would be more reasonable.

mongirlfan said:

There's also shotadom and muscular_shota. All three tags seem to be pet tags of user #723815.

Hmm I'll take responsibility for shota on shota and shotadom but I didn't make the muscular shota tag.

I suppose the child_on_child yaoi would be fine. The idea was to make the search easier for people looking for that specific content instead of using two tags they could just use one.

As for it added to safe posts, onee-shota is added to safe posts.. so I'm not sure I see the issue with that.
Two shotas could just be kissing or be implied romantically without it being explicit.

Also as Unbreakable said there's a lolidom and a femdom. I don't see why shotadom shouldn't exist.

All in all, I do think there's a place for all three tags. However, it's not that much of a hassle for a member to do a two tag search. Child in child yaoi is good. I guess

Now about nuking muscular shota I think it would be good to have it renamed as muscular_child, as Damian suggested. While I do agree it doesn't come up often there are muscular_children that show up in Shonen works.

Trunks and Goten for example which are my first thoughts.
Killua has been drawn to be very muscular and we do have muscular male and muscular female so muscular child should be alright.

Anyway, I had my say on the matter. I came up with those tags because I thought it would be helpful. If the judgements is that they aren't that good or helpful then I'm fine with the decision to nuke.

Unbreakable said:

At least the first one makes somewhat sense since we have other similar tags like lolidom and femdom, YMMV how useful the first of those are though.

Ummm well I just haven't posted much of it but i can assure you there's a growing popularity where the shota is the aggressor... but to a non shotacon, it probably wouldn't matter much.

Talulah said:

They sound like some combination search of loli age_difference hetero or such but since they apply to safe posts it's not. Which both makes the name bad and the fact that we have no gender-specific tags for children that aren't loli or shota annoying.

You would think, but it's hard to search for onee-shota using a combination of tags like that, mainly because child gives boys and girls.