[Fate] Costume chartag report

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As you guys may have noticed, I've been creating costume chartags for a large variety of Ascension costumes in Fate/Grand Order, working through the list according to the Servant List by ID. I can finally say that I've worked through the entire list and made Ascension chartags for what I believed were reasonably different outfits and/or variations of a character's 'default' outfit. That means I ignored a lot of Ascensions that just give slight alterations to a character's outfit, which means some characters were completely overlooked during the process.

Now that I'm done, I'm rather burned out and would like to wind down the efforts. There are still some things I need to clean up, but the bulk of it is done. There are some points I wish to go over that I spotted during the tagging. Points 1 through 3 are general, while 4 onward are Fate specific.

1. Making new Ascension chartags

Like I said, I'm getting tired. It's actually a lot harder than you think to pick out the appropriate costumes to populate the Ascension chartag, especially for the more popular characters. I also know that these decisions were only based on my own reasoning, and I didn't get much feedback during the process. I certainly don't want to act like some sort of authority for the Fate series - I just had a shit ton of time on my hands and the willingness to make/populate the tags. If you guys think there are any Ascensions I skipped that you believe should be tagged, then I apologize for being blunt, but do it yourself. I'm sure there may be Ascensions that you guys feel deserve tags, but to expect me to do them for you is too difficult for me now.

Other than that, it's just a matter of staying on top of new Ascension and CE chartags for the future. With FGO's 7th anniversary and the 2022 summer event coming up, expect to see an influx of new outfits that need costume chartags.

(BTW, can I just address 'costume chartags' as just 'costume tags'?)

2. Properly tagging the new costume chartags

Now that the costume chartags have been implemented, it means taggers need to tighten up on adding them to new uploads. I'm sure this was too sudden of a change for the casual uploader to take in, so let's give the benefit of the doubt and help out where we can. There may come a time when adding costume chartags will be mandatory, but I think it's all still too new to enforce at the moment.

3. Creating implications

I'm going to need help with this one. I drafted a list of all the implications that need to be done, and I came to realize that it's simply too massive for me to tackle on my own. Of course I'll trickle some in, but I don't want to bombard the forum with a single gigantic request that no one would be willing to handle. If you guys think there are implications that need to be done, then by all means, do so.

4. Skipped Swimsuit Servant Ascensions

Now to get into the nitty gritty. As far as the Swimsuit Servants are concerned, I actually skipped a small handful of the most popular Ascensions because I believed they would be redundant. Specifically, I skipped the following:

Nero Claudius Swimsuit Caster 1st Ascension (post #2826951)
Nitocris Swimsuit Assassin 1st Ascension (post #3997157)
Mysterious Heroine XX 3rd Ascension (post #3279893)
Artoria Pendragon Swimsuit Ruler 1st Ascension (post #3614849)
Sei Shounagon Swimsuit Berserker 1st Ascension (post #5293887)

Because of this, I'm a bit dubious as to whether or not Artoria Pendragon (Alter Swimsuit Rider) (Second Ascension) (Fate) should be nuked and treated as her 'default' for the same reason. Conversely, it could be kept and chartags can be made for the above to keep it consistent, regardless of popularity or redundancy. I honestly didn't know what to do here, so I want to see what you guys think. Nitocris' 1st Ascension was an especially weird one for me since she's basically a giant Medjed with jackal ears.

5. Properly tagging Swimsuit Servants

Holy crap, this was the bulk of where the mistagging happened over the years. There were instances of a character wearing a fanmade swimsuit that was tagged as a Swimsuit Servant, which is incorrect. I also removed the Swimsuit Servant tag from a character when they were fully nude, unless their hairstyle was a direct reference to the Swimsuit Servant's. I mean, really? A Swimsuit Servant should be tagged as such when they're actually wearing a swimsuit, right? Hopefully with the Ascension chartags now being a thing, these issues will be reduced so that fanmade swimsuits are only tagged with the base character.

6. Separate Scathach Skadi from Scathach?

I'm starting to think that Scathach Skadi is growing to become her own separate character from Scathach, similar to how Jeanne Alter has evolved from her origin as a Jeanne clone. Do you guys think it would be worth it to branch Skadi from Vanilla Scathach and made a new umbrella tag for Skadi so that her costume chartags can be implicated to that?

I had considered asking about whether or not the Swimsuit Servants should branch off from their base character and be treated separately, but due to the Artoria and Jeanne messes, I'm not going to bother.

7. Akuta Hinako and Yu Mei-Ren

There was some mistagging involved with these two characters because they're the same individual, and there probably wasn't any clarification which led to confusion. IMO, they should be treated as separate characters, much like what's done with Emiya Shirou and Archer, or Tohsaka Rin and Ishtar. Even if they show up together in an image, that just means both of their chartags need to be used (post #4457404).

8. Chartag for Xu Fu's doll?

Xu Fu always carries around a doll of Yu Mei-Ren (post #4079609), which has been causing some noise for Yu Mei-Ren's chartag. Should there be a chartag made for the doll, like yu mei-ren (doll) (fate)? If so, should it implicate Yu Mei-Ren's chartag?

9. 'The Musketeers' Craft Essence

See topic #20557. I opted to go ahead and fill in the wikis since then, but I don't want to make any implication requests until this gets sorted out. Luckily this is the only CE in the entire game where FSN Cu and Proto Cu show up together, but there's no guarantee that this will be the only time it happens.

With Scathach Skadi it's sort of different. While Jeanne Alter is a replicate of Jeanne through the holy grail so they are two different people, Skadi is using Scathach's body as a vessel. It's a difference that doesn't matter visually but is there so not sure if we really care.