Imply standing split -> leg lift

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BUR #10098 has been rejected.

create implication standing_split -> leg_lift

I think ~900 posts under standing_split leg_lift solo compared with 3.25k posts with standing split solo (roughly 28%) is a considerable number.

I also couldn't find any visible obstacle under standing_split -leg_lift yet, I'd argue if leg lift isn't supposed to be used with standing, then 2.1k posts under leg_lift standing solo is a lot to garden.


evazion said:

Leg lift was originally mostly for sex positions. Leg up is too broad and contains too many different poses that don't have enough in common.

I personally use leg_lift if it's lifted by someone else, and leg_up when it's done by the person the legs belongs to (that sentence sounds kinda iffy, but whatever).