Tagging organ images with guro

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I’ve been looking through the guro tag and saw many images that I don’t believe should be there. One group of such images are images containing internal organs (ex: post #5333461, post #4564843, post #5329273, post #5329723). The wiki page for organs simply says “Add tag guro tag”.

However, anatomy images often include organs. I don’t feel like such images warrants being blacklisted via a guro tag especially since the purpose of the image is to be educational.

Another example: cosmo (chainsaw man) has her brain, an organ, sticking out as part of her character design. This design isn’t violent in nature and I don’t think images of her should be blackmailed simply due to the presence of organs that many people probably aren’t disgusted about.

The purpose of this topic is to get some other opinions before editing the organs wiki page if necessary (add more specific conditions on when to add the guro tag). I have also already edited the guro wiki page and will revert changes depending on opinions.

ion288 said:

I would say post #4564843 and post #5329723 do qualify as guro. Having a heart or some bones does not feel like guro to me.

I'd be willing to accept the first one as guro, but hard disagree on the second one.

Edit: Oh wait, that's not the post I thought it was. Their IDs are almost identical... Still on the fence a bit over the second one, but much less against.

ion288 said:

Even considering her hanging eye?

I thought it was post #5329273, since you messed up the links and I had to use the OP's to check them. Only noticed aftee posting.

As for organs, there's no discussion on site regarding its use. The person who wrote its wiki, while responsible for a great deal of very appreciated work, is prone to jumping the gun sometimes like seen here. The wording of the wiki would suggest it's meant to be used when someone's actual organs are visible, either within their body or presumably after having fallen out, not necessarily as a general catch all of any organ(s) present in the image. I don't really agree with the idea that guro is always warranted in such cases. The tag is heavily diluted as it is.