hair_bun alias

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The bulk update request #10267 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias hair_bun -> single_hair_bun
create alias side_bun -> single_side_bun
remove alias hair_bun -> single_hair_bun

I was unaware that hair_bun was specifically only for single hair buns until I checked its wiki earlier today, and I'd wager I'm not alone in that ignorance. This should make it completely unambiguous.

However, I'm unsure what to do about hair_bun. Should we deprecate it, or turn it into a parent tag implicated by single_hair_bun, double_bun and so on?

Talulah said:

I assume most people searching hair_bun don't care about the number of them and just want to see hair buns.

That's pretty much what I figured; might as well just add it to the BUR and remove it if people disagree.

The distinction between double bun and single hair bun is kind of a hairy one. It reminds me of horns vs horn (topic #16714).

There's a several more specific tags that we're supposed to use with one or the other, like braided bun, but what ends up happening is that people assume they're implied, so we end up with things like braided_bun -hair_bun -hair_buns having over 2k posts and people searching for hair bun or double bun missing a lot of posts that only have the tag for the specific style but not the more generic one.

Removing the hair bun alias risks people not being able to find single hair bun, given that it's a large tag that's had that name forever.

TBH I wouldn't be against turning hair bun into an umbrella tag, so that at least we can have some way to search for all kind of hair buns without having to add several smaller tags to a search. braided bun, side bun, doughnut_hair_bun, triple bun, heart hair bun... It's the perfect new user trap.