Pokémon movie aliases

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BUR #10414 has been approved by @Hillside_Moose.


create alias pokemon_m01 -> pokemon:_the_first_movie_-_mewtwo_strikes_back
create alias pokemon_m02 -> pokemon_the_movie_2000:_the_power_of_one
create alias pokemon_m03 -> pokemon_3:_the_movie_-_spell_of_the_unown:_entei
create alias pokemon_m04 -> pokemon_4ever_-_celebi:_the_voice_of_the_forest
create alias pokemon_m05 -> pokemon_heroes:_latios_&_latias
create alias pokemon_m06 -> pokemon:_jirachi:_wish_maker
create alias pokemon_m07 -> pokemon:_destiny_deoxys
create alias pokemon_m08 -> pokemon:_lucario_and_the_mystery_of_mew
create alias pokemon_m09 -> pokemon_ranger_and_the_temple_of_the_sea
create alias pokemon_m10 -> pokemon:_the_rise_of_darkrai
create alias pokemon_m11 -> pokemon:_giratina_and_the_sky_warrior
create alias pokemon_m12 -> pokemon:_arceus_and_the_jewel_of_life
create alias pokemon_m13 -> pokemon:_zoroark:_master_of_illusions
create alias pokemon_m14 -> pokemon_the_movie:_white/black_-_victini_and_zekrom/reshiram
create alias pokemon_the_movie:_white_-_victini_and_zekrom -> pokemon_the_movie:_white/black_-_victini_and_zekrom/reshiram
create alias pokemon_the_movie:_black_-_victini_and_reshiram -> pokemon_the_movie:_white/black_-_victini_and_zekrom/reshiram
create alias pokemon_m15 -> pokemon_the_movie:_kyurem_vs._the_sword_of_justice
create alias pokemon_m16 -> pokemon_the_movie:_genesect_and_the_legend_awakened
create alias pokemon_m17 -> pokemon_the_movie:_diancie_and_the_cocoon_of_destruction
create alias pokemon_m18 -> pokemon_the_movie:_hoopa_and_the_clash_of_ages
create alias pokemon_m19 -> pokemon_the_movie:_volcanion_and_the_mechanical_marvel
create alias pokemon_m20 -> pokemon_the_movie:_i_choose_you!
create alias pokemon_m21 -> pokemon_the_movie:_the_power_of_us
create alias pokemon_m22 -> pokemon:_mewtwo_strikes_back_-_evolution
create alias pokemon_m23 -> pokemon_the_movie:_secrets_of_the_jungle

Using release order as the names for the Pokémon movies' tags only caters to a well-researched user already very familiar with them. It makes a lot more sense to use the actual movies' names, and aliasing them means that any big Pokémon movie nerds can still use the pokemon_mxx format.

For some hellish reason they decided to simultaneously release two versions of the 14th movie, so I amalgamated the titles and submitted aliases for each actual title to point to the tag for both. It's not pretty, but it's about the best we can do.