Fire Emblem localized character name aliases

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BUR #10438 has been approved by @NWF_Renim.

create alias alvis_(fire_emblem) -> arvis_(fire_emblem)
create alias claude_(fire_emblem) -> claud_(fire_emblem:_genealogy_of_the_holy_war)
create alias orsin_(fire_emblem) -> osian_(fire_emblem)
create alias safi_(fire_emblem) -> safy_(fire_emblem)
create alias asvel_(fire_emblem) -> asbel_(fire_emblem)
create alias selfina_(fire_emblem) -> selphina_(fire_emblem)
create alias deen_(fire_emblem) -> deen_(fire_emblem_gaiden)

Some FE chars who had not had their name aliased to their official localized name. For those who have not been released in Fire Emblem Heroes yet (such as Safy), their localized name is confirmed in the Choose Your Legends poll, or in rare cases, confirmed in character dialogue.

In the case of Deen, an alias is requested because there is another Deen in Thracia 776 who is a completely different character.

As for Claud, it is to avoid confusion with the more well known Claude from Three Houses.