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Some pools would seem to be based on a character meme (or on a similar concept).

Should a new pool category be added? Or maybe the pools could be replaced with meme tags?

I don't mind what the new categories would be, I'm merely looking for a way to reduce the time it takes to browse through the pools.

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  • nonamethanks said:

    If a pool can be tagged objectively and does not require to be read in order then it should be turned into a tag.

    Which pools did you have in mind?

    I would prefer to avoid discussion about specific pools. I'll see if I can name a few.

    Possibly objective (These could be discussed in forum #8282 if subject)

    • pool #2453 (Touhou - Komeiji Koishi - Open Eyes of Love)
    • pool #10081 (Kantai Collection - Abyssal Fleet Girls)
    • pool #9955 (Kantai Collection - Haruna Is All Right)
    • pool #16460 (Genshin Impact - Emergency Food Paimon) update
    • pool #1567 (Touhou - Cirno - ⑨⑨⑨x⑨⑨⑨ (999x999)) update
    • pool #1096 (Pixiv Meme - Bottle Meme) update
    • pool #10382 (Touhou - Hecatia's Hilarious Hat Toppers) update
    • pool #17306 (Umamusume x Real Life - Golshi's Funny Faces) update

    Subjective, character jokes



    - Search for "contest" returns 7 results.

    Medium or fake medium

    - My searches imply there aren't many of these pools under the Collection category.

    Subjective teams


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