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The bulk update request #10571 has been approved by @evazion.

create alias rat -> mouse

It's like the raven vs crow debate. It's essentially the same thing. Most posts under rat aren't even depicting particularly large rats.

Note that the japanese language doesn't even distinguish between the two, they just slap 鼠 on both, so any pretense that artists of all people can tell them apart is a joke.

At a minimum this should be an implication, but from a glance at the tag it doesn't even look like people can tell them apart, so they are functionally equivalent.


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    though it's amusing that we are choosing the more "cute" animal when we did the opposite for bunny -> rabbit for that reason.

    It's probably a mix of the greater negative connotation tied with the name rat than with mouse and the help of a certain well known mascot with his fanclub having "mouse" eared hats that has resulted in mouse being preferred over rat naming. Of course when it comes to naming between mice and rats, it's about size. As mice are the smallest, and rats are everything larger... one would assume a person with those ears and tail would thus be classified as a "rat."

    If someone really wanted to dig for a term for both, then murine apparently would be it. As a noun it typically refers to any member of Murinae (ie Old World rats and mice), and as an adjective refers to anything pertaining to or is characteristic of rats and mice. Although apparently there is a product called Murine Ear which is an ear wax removal product, so that'd be awkward. Anyways, +1 to combining the two groups, regardless of the name we toss it under.

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