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Posts not showing up in artist commentary search

Posted under Bugs & Features

I did an artist commentary search of the word "哨戒". According to the upload time (over 1 year ago), post #4347806 should appear somewhere on the second page (7 mothes ago to over 4 years ago), but it's not there. This is not the only time, if anyone needs I can recall some of my previous searches. Why does this happen?


Because the /artist_commentaries page is ordered by creation of the artist commentaries themselves, not creation of the posts they belong to. Until a while ago, adding the artist commentary was optional, so a lot of posts were missing them and they had to be populated via bot, so a lot of old posts have recent commentaries.

You can see that the post in question is found if you also add a search by id to your query, or if you search for commentary:哨戒 as a tag.