imply omurice -> omelet

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Only about a tenth of omurice is tagged omelet. I also take issue with omelets and omurice not looking different.

...however, I cannot disagree with the implication because the first 50 results of omelet -omurice -tamagoyaki have a grand total of 14 images that are not untagged omurice. 36/50 are omurice. 5 of them are tamagoyaki. Of the remaining nine, only one is not a mistag (fried eggs, no eggs, one is spaghetti). And even then that last one is debatable.

Randomly going through the pages nets me more omurice than anything else.

I've gone through omelet -omurice -tamagoyaki and tagged all the omurice and tamagoyaki. THen I fixed all the fried eggs and whatnot. It's down to a grand total of 28 images.