Alias single_pantsleg -> single_leg_pants

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I can't say I agree with single pantsleg being used for bodysuits or anything that aren't pants though, even if asymmetrical bodysuit isn't the best name, at least it's more accurate than using single pantsleg for it, calling it asymmetrical legwear would be a stretch also. Given that we have single leg pantyhose already, single leg bodysuit or similar wouldn't be that bad, I believe. If it happens to be necessary to create a tag for this, I can't think of another way tbh.

This seems to be a acceptable stretch compared to bodysuit, we probably don't want to create single_* tags for every kind of clothing. That said, it also doesn't make sense to alias the name to single leg pants anymore if we're allowing this stretch, despite both having the same meaning, looks like there's isn't much to gain from it.