Alias Newtype Flash -> Realization Line

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The bulk update request #10690 has been rejected.

create alias newtype_flash -> realization_line

I didn't even realize newtype flash was a tag, and was planning on populating the reazlization line tag. I'm not sure if there's many users that would even be able to guess at that tag, leaving it mostly undiscovered. On the contrary, realization line is a more natural discovery, and it would match many of the other line tags, such as notice lines, motion lines, emphasis lines, and speed lines. Grouping it with them like that would allow users to find it with autocomplete by typing *_line .

a newtype flash looks something more like a lightning bolt than a solid line and generally goes across the whole face, though I believe it would be beneficial to merge them together one way or another as it serves pretty much the same purpose as those lines you see in comics and such