cum_on_clothes aliases

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BUR #10723 has been rejected.

create alias cum_on_headwear -> cum_on_clothes
create alias cum_on_gloves -> cum_on_clothes
create alias cum_on_legwear -> cum_on_clothes
create alias cum_on_skirt -> cum_on_clothes

cum_on_hat is aliased to cum_on_clothes already.

edit: added cum on skirt, cum on gloves, and cum on legwear since I was told they exist. Dunno about cum on eyewear though—we also have cum on glasses.


My take on this is that instead of aliasing cum on hat to cum on clothes it'd better be aliased to cum on headwear imo. Cum on the headwear is not any less valuable than cum on gloves, cum on legwear, cum on mask, cum on eyewear in my point of view. I wouldn't really be bothered if this gets approved, I'm just not too favorable towards it.

Since I already said all of this this, it may be fair to make a bur to move the alias from cum on clothes to cum on headwear just to see what comes from it.