(Re)qualifying Madoka Magica spinoff characters and concepts

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BUR #10756 has been approved by @Hillside_Moose.


create alias corbeau_(tart_magica) -> corbeau_(madoka_magica)
create alias minou_(tart_magica) -> minou_(madoka_magica)
create alias lapin_(tart_magica) -> lapin_(madoka_magica)
create alias jeanne_d'arc_(tart_magica) -> jeanne_d'arc_(madoka_magica)
create alias kazumi_(kazumi_magica) -> kazumi_(madoka_magica)
create alias juubey_(kazumi_magica) -> juubey_(madoka_magica)
create alias yuuri_(kazumi_magica) -> yuuri_(madoka_magica)
create alias shizuru_(oriko_magica) -> cecil_(madoka_magica)
create alias latria_(oriko_magica) -> latria_(madoka_magica)
create alias kanami_(suzune_magica) -> kanami_(madoka_magica)
create alias shinobu_akira_(magia_record) -> shinobu_akira_(madoka_magica)
create alias kuroe_(magia_record) -> kuroe_(madoka_magica)
create alias ai-chan_(magia_record) -> ai-chan_(madoka_magica)
create alias uwasa_(magia_record) -> uwasa_(madoka_magica)
create alias tsuruno's_father_(magia_record) -> tsuruno's_father_(madoka_magica)
create alias shitori_egumo_(magia_record) -> shitori_egumo_(madoka_magica)
create alias shirogane_(magia_record) -> shirogane_(madoka_magica)
create alias rika's_ex_(magia_record) -> rika's_ex_(madoka_magica)
create alias mameji_(magia_record) -> mameji_(madoka_magica)
create alias touka's_father_(magia_record) -> touka's_father_(madoka_magica)
create alias claudia_(magia_record) -> claudia_(madoka_magica)
rename isabeau_de_baviere -> isabeau_de_baviere_(madoka_magica)
create alias hiyori_(madoka_magica_mobage) -> hiyori_(madoka_magica)
create alias claire_(madoka_magica_mobage) -> claire_(madoka_magica)
rename kirino_sae -> kirino_sae_(madoka_magica)

Unlike most copyrights, which qualify using the series' catch-all, Madoka Magica had this mess where everything was qualified with the spinoff name.

Additionally qualifying Isabeau de Baviere, since technically that's an interpretation of a historical person, like Jeanne d'Arc.

*Leaving Kuro (Magia Record) out of the BUR because she requires further discussion.

There are two characters in Magia Record named Kuro - one from the game, wearing a generic black cloak (currently 100% of the Kuro tag in question), and one from the anime, who wears a completely different white capelet (currently has no artworks on Danbooru). The story treats them as separate characters (Game!Kuro is spelled with the kanji for black, anime!Kuro uses hiragana; their stories are also way different).
My proposed tag scheme would be kuro_(madoka_magica)_(game) and kuro_(madoka_magica)_(anime), but I'm not exactly sure.

EDIT: Added Hiyori and Claire to the BUR, since I missed them previously.
I am keeping Elise and Komachi out of the BUR as well as Kuro, though, due to complications - Elise is also the name of Hinata Matsuri's Doppel/Witch form, and Komachi coincides with Komachi Mikura's surname. While SuzuMagi!Elise does not have any posts on Danbooru like Anime!Kuro, Komachi Mikura very much exists. Would the tags for them go "name_(mobage)_(madoka_magica)"?
EDIT2: Added Kirino Sae to the BUR since I found another (kirino_sae_(danball_senki)).
EDIT3: Changed Shizuru_(oriko_magica) -> Shizuru_(madoka_magica) to Cecil_(madoka_magica) instead, as this is what the official Yen Press translation transliterates "シズル" as.


BUR #12016 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias tart_(madoka_magica) -> jeanne_d'arc_(madoka_magica)

The character is most commonly referred to as "Tart" rather than her full actual name: her spinoff's title features it, her gacha unit is called that, and the characters (and community) typically refer to her as "Tart" rather than "Jeanne" too.

(Though, I saw some pushes towards using more popular names as opposed to the more "correct" ones here, so it maybe might be better for the alias to be reversed instead. Most if not all of community would know that Jeanne and Tart are just different names for the same girl, but Tart is more prevalent)