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Feature request: "family" search qualifier

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This is something I've considered. The true fix though is to only allow flat galleries. Only one parent and one level of children; no grandparents or grandchildren. This would mean limiting parent/child posts to duplicates/revisions/variations and requiring other types of parent/child sets to be converted to pools (cue booing and hissing below).

I find the tree-of-posts quite charming. ;-)

I've thought about this kind of schema before. Even with a flat gallery there's the option of separately labeling other post relationships within a gallery (e.g. actually distinguish duplicate / crop / other derivation). You could also take a feature from series pools and add an optional index to posts within a gallery โ€” posts without an order would be somehow related to the ordered ones.

Not that I think those should be implemented! Just worth considering.

I would prefer using pools for variant sets, tbh. Parent-child relations can get unwieldy with large sets (which isn't super uncommon), and navigating them with keyboard/seq is a bit awkward because you have to upload them in reverse order to show in the parent bar correctly. Which means using previous to go to the next page.

Also, I believe there is something better to be done about duplicates in the future than just having them be children.