Nuke hair_strand

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nonamethanks said:

This tag never had a chance. It's all random ahoges, hair between eyes and completely random posts. The first addition of this tag seems to be post #810483, so it was doomed from the start.

That post does feature a single strand of hair in front of her face though. I always understood this tag to be for when a single hair is rendered on it's own as opposed to spikes or clumps of hair. I don't see how that's any less taggable a concept than say ahoge or antenna_hair.

Do you not see how that would apply to nearly every single post on site? I looked at the first 100 posts on the front page and all of them that weren't no humans had at some individual hair strand in one way or another. Even something like post #5483270 which is hair as straight as it gets has visible hair strands in the bangs that could technically qualify for this tag.

nonamethanks said:

All of your examples have individual hair strands.

My understanding is that this is what the tag was intended for (single strands of hair), rather than the spikes or wedges you are calling out. It's a taggable concept that isn't possible to search for otherwise. I agree that the tag is a mess, but the wiki could be clarified and the tag could be cleaned rather than nuked. (though admittedly individual strands are hard to see from thumbnails so it'd be tougher to clean than most tags)

Oh, also to clarify my examples, I meant that they were cases that should *not* qualify for hair_strand.

For examples that would IMHO qualify include e.g. post #5490637, post #5425512, post #5363623. Basically going with ForeskinThief and Evazion's examples.