Disambiguating Komaru and UMR

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KagayakuShiningGate said:

The bulk update request #11126 has been approved by @evazion.

create alias komaru -> komaru_(himouto!_umaru-chan)
remove alias komaru -> komaru_(himouto!_umaru-chan)
rename umr -> umr_(himouto!_umaru-chan)

There are other Komarus, like Naegi Komaru or Kurikoma Komaru.
By the way, should Komaru and UMR imply Doma Umaru? It seems like these are her "alt" forms, though I'm not exactly familiar with the show.

Komaru is Doma Umaru's at home persona when she no longer has to show her public persona. Though this form was presented as Umaru's younger sister to Motoba Kirie, to conceal that the Umaru she idolized wasn't the same as the childish Komaru she ended up meeting at Umaru's home. UMR is Umaru's persona when she's hitting the arcades, and would wear a mask in this form when interacting with Tachibana Sylphynford who had not realized she was Umaru, as Sylphnford was openly very competitive and considered Umaru her rival.