Blue hair as umbrella tag

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The bulk update request #11180 has been approved by @NWF_Renim.

create implication dark_blue_hair -> blue_hair
create implication light_blue_hair -> blue_hair

Dark blue hair and light blue hair are, by definition, blue hair.
For now it's not feasible to keep them separate. It would require an immense tagging effort (blue hair counts for around 500000 artworks, or about 1/13th of the entire database), and at the moment both tags are less than 1/50th of blue_hair.

After reading again about aliases/implications, an implication would make more sense, especially given the amount of images tagged with blue_hair. I'm fairly new so I thought they worked the other way around from eachother.

None of the other light/dark hair tags implicate their "base" colors.

The problem with light/dark tagging, and why we moved away from using similar color gradients for eyes, is that the threshold for dark/light/magenta can be very fuzzy. Light Blue is a known culprit itself, being filled with purple and silver.

If this is the route we wanna go, we should implicate the rest of the tags.

I didn't notice the thread, but now that it's already done, I feel it was a mistake. Most of the posts on the dark blue hair tag really aren't blue hair at all, they're mostly just a way of depicting what in real life would be black hair, but since pure black doesn't look very good on a drawing, they use some (often very desaturated) dark blue.

I don't see why post #5615989, post #5605089 or post #5563937 should be tagged blue hair, they're evidently black haired girls, but posts like that constitute the majority of the dark blue hair tag

My original intent for the tags was to be able to differentiate characters like Mostima or Kronii from characters like Aqua. Before that, finding the "right hue" was harder. (Also, fwiw, some languages differentiate blue from light blue just like red from pink)
That said, I completely agree with you. Maybe updating the wiki with a higher and lower treshold could help?