Request to remove my own art (ban artist "pompmaker1")

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Pompmaker1 said:

I am the artist Pompmaker1, and I request for all my works to be removed from the platform for personal reasons.
As proof of my identity, refer to the comment I made on my reddit (https://www.reddit.com/user/Pompmaker1/comments/txirjy/learn_german_with_kiara/ii42zik/)
I had to hide the comment in an old post as I don't want this to be discovered by people around me.

I'm Arcie Albano, a fellow artist like you, and (pardon the long delay in this) some your works are actually heart-warming for lack of a better term. The Holomyth works you made regarding their off-collab are the ones that best encapsulate their emotions (especially Ina) and I actually commend you for those. To ask an artwork archive site to refuse hosting of your works for preservation purposes is an absolute disservice not just to the site, but to your fans as a whole since you're denying them one possible way for them to appreciate your work.

While I understand that it may be motivated by "personal matters" especially if it's for mental well-being, such denial of service and exposure still construes an adverse effect on the site, as well as for artists who may be using this site to gather reference material.

Even if belated, I sincerely hope you can reconsider in the future for the sake of your fans.

Thank you.