Some Hokuto no Ken localization

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The bulk update request #21082 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias juda_(hokuto_no_ken) -> yuda_(hokuto_no_ken)
rename uighur -> uighur_(hokuto_no_ken)
rename ryuuken -> ryuken_(hokuto_no_ken)
rename kouryuu_(hokuto_no_ken) -> koryu_(hokuto_no_ken)
rename kaiou_(hokuto_no_ken) -> kaioh_(hokuto_no_ken)
rename ryuga -> ryuga_(hokuto_no_ken)

Some other qualifier-less HnK tags and official romanization. Added "Juda" alias for Yuda as his name were occasionally localized as this, and add qualifier to Uighur to disambiguate him from the actual ethnic group.