Tag implications, tag script, and resulting gardening issues

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tl;dr proposal to add a feature which automatically replaces tags, even if not explicitly specified.

I sometimes ind myself unable to quickly remove certain tags because of many tag implications, which makes sense, it's by design. However, while the implication system is useful, it makes gardening harder.
For example, while gardening cape, I could find some posts which have been mistagged and actually contain cloaks or capelets. But I can't streamline the process with the tag script, because many tags imply cape.
For instance, post #3210157 is a naked, multicolored (red-yellow) cape.
I could just make a very long tag script which removes every tag that implies cape (around 20) and adds cloak, but that would result in a loss of information, because there are cloak counterparts (eg. red cloak) to those tags which I would otherwise have to manually add.

It would be nice to have a tag script feature which automatically replaces the specified tags with another tag. For example, -*cape *cloak would replace the "cape" in red cape with "cloak".
Another nice feature would be to be able to remove every tag which implies the "root" tag, if the root tag is removed. This would ease the gardening of tags which imply/are implied to tags which don't share the same name (eg. ;D and one eye closed/smile).

ValidateTagInput (topic #14474) provides feedback if a root implication will be reapplied if a child implication is still on the post, though it is only available from the regular edit menu (Post/SHOW, e.g. /posts/1234) or the quick edit menu (Post/INDEX, e.g. /posts). I cannot really think of a good way to do that with the tag script function though, at least not at the moment.