Non faceless_male hetero tagging

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I want to talk a little about the boys tagging. If you wanted to search for boys images, you just search either 'bishounen', 'bara', or just 'male focus' in general. That will removes those faceless bastards. But, it gets complicated when women are put into the equation. The general tag of 'male focus' doesnt really apply now. You have to search using either 'bara' or 'bishounen'.

Now, considering 'bishounen' is kinda sparsely tagged, underutilized and 'faceless male' isnt really enforced strongly, and its doesnt apply when the faces are out of frame. Its kinda hard to find images of non faceless boys with women. You could brute force by blacklisting many tags, its not really preferable. The solution so far is to just tag better, but its not that simple either. Most of the tags that are used to tag pretty boys are rather subjective, 'androgynous', 'bishounen', 'otoko no ko'. And tags that seems like a sure fix like 'couple' are sometimes misused, under tagged, or could even be seen as subjective as the tags before.

I would like to ask on what your opinion on the matter.