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nuke tareme
nuke tsurime

These tags remind me a lot of eyebrows_visible_through_hair. They're for a minuscule facial detail, they're severely undertagged/would apply to a very large number of posts on the site (almost every post with eyes that aren't neutral qualifies for one of them) and they're almost nonexistent on posts before id 2000000. It also doesn't help that they're niche terms most hardcore weebs haven't even heard of before.

Because the detail being tagged is so small, they're also often misused. post #5722313 is apparently tsurime, as is post #5704383. Meanwhile, post #5699374 is apparently tareme. There's also a lot of posts with very neutral ^ ^ shaped upper eyelids (such as post #5729814, post #5704477) being tagged tsurime/tareme.

The only *me tag with merit here is jitome, which is a fairly uncommon and deliberate styling. It's very easy to recognise and is often used to convey emotion/mood, compared to tsurime/tareme which most people wouldn't even consciously notice.

The effort required to garden these two tags to a useful state would be huge, and they'd only fall into disrepair again if left unchecked. I don't see much reason to keep them around.

Only problem I have with those tags is that they are niche terms, and have to be incorporated into some easy to understand English tag before it can be tagged/gardened by most people.
Because "eyes slanted on end" would make people go 'Oh, we had that tag' whereas they'd ignore some word they've never heard of before.


I think that these are some oldooru tags back from when danbooru was much smaller and back when the anime community at large actually cared about this sort of thing, the fact that barely anyone bothers to tag them any more is just a testament to that.

Back then we had more "celluloid" styled flat art, so these kind of over simplified eye shapes are common, but nowadays the illustration market is departing from animation art and shifting a lot more towards refined shading and realism to some degree. I don't think these tags are as useful anymore, that's why I never bothered to tag them. If we actually want to enforce them they'd ended up on almost every post, because if it's not a pointed up eye it'd be a pointed down eye, what else? (excluding jitome, half-closed eyes, solid circle eyes etc)


magcolo said:

If we actually want to enforce them they'd ended up on almost every post, because if it's not a pointed up eye it'd be a pointed down eye... ...(excluding jitome, half-closed eyes, solid circle eyes etc).

This is my point, yeah. They're superfluous in the same way eyebrows_visible_through_hair was. The argument could be made that they allow to search for softer/fiercer expressions, but we already have much better ways of doing so with the many emotion and expression tags (annoyed, v-shaped_eyebrows, grin etc.). Combined with the issues I previously outlined, these tags really don't serve as anything besides tag padding.

I wouldn't say they are superfluous exactly...

... but back in the time when these tags were created they were often used as an indication of a character's personality, and the terms were quite well known in the anime fandom as a result. In the last decade or so that really hasn't been the case, and they've faded from people's consciouses a lot.

They're not tags I would even think of when tagging an image unless it was an extremely abnormally obvious case of one or the other.


The wiki for these would need to be updated for them to have any merit

It seems like like they're for very obvious/extreme examples of each but the way they're worded makes it seem like all non-jitome posts are either tareme or tsurime with no in-between. Like post #5733000 shouldn't be tagged either, but it was tagged tsurime while I would personally tag it tareme if I was forced to pick, based on the wiki.