Multiple notes or one larger note when translating back-to-back text?

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If an image has back-to-back text, is it better to create one large note covering all the text or many smaller notes?
For example, take post #2430183 which I recently translated. I put each line of the text at the bottom as a separate note, but since it is in a larger textbox I was wondering if it would be better to just make one note encompassing all of that text and use newlines appropriately.

Another situation is exemplified by post #2430620 which I also (mostly) translated. I could put the labels and explanations in one note each and use styling to make the label look larger and have the correct color, which could potentially prevent the situation of forgetting which explanation you're reading and having to mouse over the adjacent label.

There's obviously a limit to this, I wouldn't try to cram everything on every image into one note or anything, but in this case I feel like it may be justified. Thoughts?

Ideally one small note for each distinct block of text (where reasonable), rather than one large note covering unrelated blocks of text. I would say your examples are a correct use of notes.

At some point I would like to have automatic OCR of text, or have the notes page show images of the text under each note. But that doesn't work when translators do things like combine unrelated speech bubbles into one note, which I see people do all too frequently.

For your second example, I would put the title and explanation in the same note. With proper formatting, there's no practical reason to keep them separate and it just makes more of a mess with too many notes.

For ambiguous cases, I generally go by whatever is most practical or flows better when reading.

This is probably my detail-obsession acting up, but I find notes that overlap to be grating. Also if the two notes are left just a few pixels apart, instead of trying to get them aligned next to each other. Of course, perhaps others find my placement of notes so that it doesn't fully contain all of the text to be grating as well.