imply hand_on_railing -> railing

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Hmm, you are right.
I would add, however, that according to the railing wiki, railing should imply handrail.

A short permanent barrier with a handrail used for control or safety purposes for people (along walkways, bridges, stairways, balconies, the ends of train cars, etc.).

Then I propose to nuke (or make alias) the hand on railing tag in favor of the hand on handrail tag, since as I said above, railing necessarily consists of a handrail, on which the hand(s) rest.
So the problem would be solved.

I also add that handrail should only indicate the types of "railing" attached directly to the wall, because like now this tag seems to me an unnecessary overlap.
Right now handrail is full of images that should/can be tagged railing instead.