Alias bikini_bottom_aside -> bikini_aside

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worldendDominator said:

So tag bikini_top_asides, bulk edit the rest into bikini_bottom_asides, and make bikini_aside a disambig page?

Sounds right. The only issue I can see is that our tag for clothing aside is specifically for when it uncovers the genitals, and bikini top aside could confuse people further, but it can't really be helped, and other tags like dress aside suffer from the same issue: post #5693541 (highly NSFW) for example is tagged with it.

I've added BTA to posts edited by NNT. Also looked trough bikini_aside ~breasts_out ~one_breast_out -bikini_lift -bikini_pull -bikini_bottom_only -open_bikini -untied_bikini and tagged BTA where it clearly belonged. Hope someone less sleepy can figure out the rest (part of them are simply untagged pulls or lifts).

Can't make implications without wikis and can't write wikis right now, so I'll leave the request code here to use tomorrow.
alias bikini_aside -> bikini_bottom_aside
imply bikini_bottom_aside -> clothing_aside
imply bikini_top_aside -> clothing_aside
unimply bikini_aside -> clothing_aside
Also need to unalias bikini_aside from bikini_bottom_aside, but I don't know if it can be done in the same BUR.

The bulk update request #12883 has been approved by @nonamethanks.

create alias bikini_aside -> bikini_bottom_aside
remove alias bikini_aside -> bikini_bottom_aside
create implication bikini_top_aside -> bikini

I don't know if we want to imply bikini top aside to clothing aside, because that tag is specifically for exposing the genitals. But at a glance I see several posts like post #5761035, so not sure if there's a point in this distinction given the name.