help:image source

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hmm.. Is there somewhere else that we can host the extra information? Especially the part about how to find lost image source, the reverse image search engines list etc. I think newcomers could need those. (I know that SauceNAO and Ascii2d are kept but sometimes they're not good enough)

I removed most of the contents because they've become obsolete over the years. You don't need to follow any guide for the sites that were linked on it, because the upload page now extracts everything itself.

I've readded a list of other reverse search engines, but several of the links in that page were also broken, or irrelevant: iqdb.org is covered by saucenao and our iqdb which is automatically displayed on upload, for example.

In general, a lot of our "help" pages are unreadable for new users because they have a lot of outdated or just wrong info while also being extremely verbose, which makes updating them over the years much harder. They all need a big slim down, nobody's going to read a technical manual just to upload anime pictures.