Problem with download managers

Posted under Bugs & Features

Recently I've noticed that downloading pictures from Danbooru doesn't work with download managers (IDM to be specific). Attempting to download a file only produces a 403 forbidden error message. Downloading with the browser still works, though it's a hassle to manage downloads through my browser.

Oddly enough this problem seems to go away when I use a VPN. Are there certain regions that Danbooru blocks from using download managers? So far I haven't encountered this problem with any other site, so I suspect there may be something on Danbooru's side that's interfering.

Certain SEA regions are currently Captcha-protected because of some way too aggressive scraping from those regions. Your download manager can’t supply the Captcha information, so if you’re from SEA, that’s probably why your downloads aren’t working.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about that at the moment besides waiting until the misbehaving scrapers are gone or using a VPN to a non-SEA region.